About Us

The best web development company Pilar International Technology has grown into hashemite kingdom of Jordan that is one of the most IT  environment in the MENA.We offer a broad range of professional technology services characterized by high quality, modernity and innovation. Our passionate belief in the technology is a future language, coupled with our strong  conviction that is our customers are our partners , led us to offer a number of services, including the web development, web-hosting, email-hosting, domain registration,e-marketing, and IT training courses.

The experience of more than 8 years helps us for accuracy , on time delivery,and speedly and freely technical support that are our keys for growth our business in Jordan and an abroad.

In a world where technology is no longer just a luxury, our role is no longer just an Internet site designers and animation producer but also stimulate our customers attain success tops to maximize their profits by using modern technology and techniques, which are our game and our specialty.

Our vision

Expanding our share market in the Jordan market and the global market in the technology sector to provide innovative technological solutions and ensuring the processions another renewable technology always.

Our philosophy

Completion of the work our customers complete earns us the trust 100% (which is the top of the actual our money), which encourages them to advise their friends and family that international Pilar technology is the right answer when the question “of performing our work in a professional and reasonable price”, the success of our customers is our success, and here was our motto “Together towards success.”

Why choose us to get things done?

– There is no cost undeclared (No hidden fees)
– Our relationship is not just a purely business, but will serve as a strategic partnership.
– Our experience in the field of extended technology for more than 8 years.
– Our wages competitive compared to our competitors
– Accuracy in business delivery dates.
– Albermgiyn a team of engineers and specialists.